About Us


Our Story – History

Coriander Restaurant opened at Chorlton in 2004 after developing its own unique concept – EAT FRESH and FEEL GREAT

To make this fresh food for our customer we very strictly maintained the following standard

No harmful colourings,

No excessive fat & grease

No MSG (monosodium glutamate) used in almost all Asian restaurants across the globe.

No canned ingredients

No artificial flavouring and preservatives

Make our species in the house

Some of the dishes on Coriander’s menu have been tested and refined over one hundred times to ensure each dish tastes just right, even without any added artificial colouring or MS which enhance the flavour and appearance of a dish but can be harmful to our bodies. In fact, artificial colourings cannot be digested by the human body at all and this is often the cause of the unwanted after-effects we associate with eating curry. The philosophy of making food is very simple. The food should be just as fresh as it can be, not excessive saturated fat, but test fantastic. We believe the test is the king and food has to be safe for health.

During this period of time, CORIANDER obtained a reward from a few reputable organizations. CORIANDER received a Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence and a ‘Festival of Curry award’ from the House of Commons. It has been reviewed three times by the Manchester Evening News heading: the best restaurant in Manchester.

Our Service

We value our customers’ needs and therefore do our very best to ensure these needs are met; from the time our customers enter our restaurant to the time they leave. The team at Coriander is trained and knowledgeable about our products and are therefore able to offer expert advice and recommendations for both our food and drink menu – just ask us!

Why not recommend us?

If you like our values and our food please tell your friends about Coriander Restaurant. If you don’t, please tell us so that we can continuously improve our quality and standards.

  • LAMB
  • BEEF
  • DUCK
  • GOAT

Coriander is trying to cater a slightly different way. Most of the restaurants offer chicken and lamb dishes; besides this meat, there are other meats, which can give different test to our customer pallet. We carefully invented our recipe to make dishes of beef, venison, duck, goat and pigeon. Our all customers appreciated these dishes and said wonderful. The innovative recipe and test is really a phenomenon.


As a Bangladeshi cuisine we are proud to introduce the best fish dishes in our menu. The very best quality sweet water fish we sourced from local market and Bangladesh. Every individual fish dish has its own unique test and flavor. You will really be fascinated while you enjoy our fish dishes. It is something to enjoy with full of interest if you like FISH.

Now a day many people like to eat fish because it has got Mega-3 acid, which helps to reduce the risk of cardiac disease. The cooking techniques keep the aroma and nutritional value while we cook any fish dish for our customer.

  • recently many people becoming vegetarian and vegan for many health reasons. Not that many curry houses cater to them. CORIANDER is welcoming them to enjoy its various vegetarian and vegan dishes. We make our vegetable every day and it is fresh. We really have given deep concern to cater to vegetarian and vegan. Besides the all meat, fish, vegetable, we also introduced Bengal famous two different dishes, which are delicious Paneer and traditional Dhal.
  • Sunday and Children

Every Sunday we do a different type of special menu during the lunchtime. When you are out for Sunday lunch and you want to bring your child to a restaurant. Where you want them to go? Only fast food you can offer which is completely deep-fried with full of fat. CORIANDER has given a very close look and innovated children menu considering their dietary need. It’s a healthy and enjoyable curry for them. Your children will really love it.


Our dietary habits indicate that the average fat intake is generally appropriate. The pivotal concern lies in the source of the fats we consume. A significant number of individuals consume excessive fats, comes from various source of oils, as well as the fats present in meat and sweetened. Another pattern of having excessive grease and fat is how our food is prepared and cooked. Marination and Cooking process determine how much fat we are eating without realizing the content of foods. This dietary pattern can result in elevated cholesterol levels, thereby increasing the risk of heart and circulatory cardio vascular diseases. 

Processed foods tend to be high in sugar, artificial ingredients, refined carbohydrates and trans fats. Because of these, they are a major contributor to obesity and chronic illness around the world. 
In recent decades, processed food intake has increased dramatically worldwide. These foods now account for 30-70% intake everyday 
Throughout the world. They tend to have added chemical flavouring Agents, Colours, Sweeteners & Saturated fats. A study shows involving more than 100,000 adults, found that eating 10% more processed foods was associated with above a 30% increase in the risks of cardiovascular disease, coronary heart disease.

Processed foods often contain the following types of chemicals: 

  • Preservatives and additives
  • Artificial colouring
  • Chemical flavouring
  • Texturing agents 

Good food is always just a bit expensive. Please spend just a few pounds more for your valuable health. It’s our only asset to stay active in our daily activities. Consuming cheapest unhealthy foods just like pouring Diesel in a Petrol car. 

We, as human beings, never deserve to consume components of chemicals without knowing the content of our food. Let us make only one thing completely pure for all of us which is our food.  The team of coriander is fully committed to prepare food as healthy as possible

Thanks for your time. 
Coriander Restaurant.